Celebrities Blow

Soooooo, why was I waiting 8 hours to see Mariah Carey and never even REALLY saw her????

Because I'm nuts, that's why!

More on that later...it's 3am and henceforth time for my bed.

ps. I think I forgot my friend, R's, birthday. I got a cryptic message from him saying that he is 'older than me now.' I think that's means it IS his birthday or WAS his birthday. Damn! that's what I get for not looking at my PDA regularly.

pps. My goal for the next week is to understand what it takes to be TRULY happy...and I don't mean fake-and-not-utterly-and-completely-happy-and-satisfied-with-your-life happy, but REALLY happy. It's hard!

ppps. If I hear "We Belong Together" and "Shake it off" ONE MORE TIME, I'm gonna blow my brains out. Thanks, Mariah!

pppps. Other 'celebrities' seen tonite: Jadakiss, Sheik, DJ Clue, Jermaine Dupris[Mr. Jackson if you're nasty], some basketball players, Usher, Quincy Jones, and Carmelo Anthony. [OK the last three I never actually saw, but someone else I know did.]


Hurricane Katrina..what a bitch

For a category 1 storm, this chick sure caused a lot of damage! But thank god/jehovah/allah/buddha, it's over and done with and off to torture someone else as probably a stronger storm. So most of the storm happened yesterday with plenty of rain and wind blowing and knocking over trees, but today there was some rain here and there.

The funniest thing I saw yesterday was, at the start of the rain, I was outside trying to take a picture when I saw some dude passing in front of our house...and he was carrying three twelve-packs of Heineken!! Is this REALLY the time to be stocking up on your alcoholic beverages? I guess so. The wind was blowing him hard but he was making sure as hell he got home with the beer. Apparently this ain't so strange...a report on CNN today said Walmart reported that beer was the number one item people were stocking up on during last hurricane season! Uhhh, what happened to water? Another thing that sold a lot...strawberry Pop-Tarts...ew! It's all about the Toaster Strudel, but I guess when you have no power, Pop-tarts don't require heat, are semi-edible and therefore great.

Since today was calmer, I went to the mall. And I wasn't the only one there. It was packed! I guess people need something to do when their electricity is out. Free light at the mall! I bought quite a few things tho, but that's cuz I NEVER go to the mall, so when I do buy, I buy in bulk. I really went cuz I wanted something to wear out tonite for my friend's birthday and tomorrow for the MTV thing, which is HOPEFULLY still on.

As I drove home from the mall, I saw another funny thing....the sprinklers were on at this Wachovia Bank branch....and it was raining like hell outside. What a waste of water! lol.



Swimming Time Part Deux

Swimming time has been going....well...swimmingly :) Three other people are in the class..two older chicks and some dude. The instructor's very nice. He taught us that we need to just RELAX and have no fear, which is sooo true!! Once you relax and just feel the water around you instead of freaking out, thinking you're gonna drown and start flailing around, swimming is much easier. I even learned how to kick properly, which is totally different from what I was doing before.

I even went yesterday to the pool at my aunt's apartment (since we don't have one) to practice. I took my little brother cuz I knew if I didn't wait for him, I would never hear the end of it..."Kim, why didn't you take me?? You don't love me!" So I waited til he got back from school. I went to the lesson last nite too and we learned how to do a backstroke. But maannnn, the class goes by too fast! I swear we're done in two seconds. A plus though is that my arms are killing me, meaning I worked 'em a lot.

Anyway, when I got to the lessons, a sign was up saying there'd be no lessons Thurs. and Fri. because of the storm that's coming. Huh?? Storm? What storm?

This is what I get for not watching the news. Turns out this little miss Tropical Storm Katrina is serious because we're under a hurricane warning and schools are closed and everything. I'm sure my brother's happy as hell.

But all I'm worried about is will this affect the Video Music Awards this weekend???

My friend got an email back saying we could get into this performance at Hotel MTV on Saturday. It's a seatfiller type thing. We wanted to be seatfillers for the REAL show, but hey, something is better than nothing. Hopefully the storm is LONG GONE by Friday and I can get back to having a good time! I doubt MTVll be coming back to Florida again.....lol.


My brother's creative dive into the pool.

Follow instructions!


Picture Time

My PDA...can you believe it crashes?? Damn you Windows!! Should've gotten a Palm...but I love it anyway.

The number to call ifyou think you're POISONED, NOT if you wanna find out if you can go swimming in a damn river...no they don't know if the overgrown algae has made the river unsafe!


Picture Time

I've been practicing taking pictures of things up close.

Violence in the home...my brother's water gun and a hose.

Flowers in my backyard.

Fruit on my kitchen table. A plaintain is on the right, my favorite!!

Flowers in my backyard.


Swimming Time!!

The time has finally come.

I'm taking swimming lessons. How embarassing for a 22 year old from Jamaica AND Florida.

I get plenty of questions cuz of these reasons: "you never learned to swim when you were little?" NO

"You're from Jamaica and you can't swim?" NOO!

"You're from Florida and you can't swim???" NOOOO!!

So now HOPEFULLY, I learn how to swim. I really, really, really wanna learn how but I heard it's also really, really hard to learn when you're older. Those damn kids learn to swim in two seconds...I remember my little brother was swimming by his second lesson!!! It's a week long course, but my mother said since it's not too expensive that I should just do two weeks...get more practice in. I don't know how to do any other sport, so if I learn how to swim at least I can brag and say I can actually do something...even though to other people it might be nothing to brag about, but to me it'll be a big accomplishment. Maybe it can be my talent if I ever have to enter a beauty pageant.

I see my problem already though. All that damn coordination that it requires.... the flapping of the hands, the flapping of the feet, the breathing and try not to drown since it only takes like 1 teaspoon of water to drown! Now I just need to get onna those caps for my hair now and it's off to lessons!! Pray for moi.



Laguna Beach: What's wrong with Jessica??

Seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH JESSICA??? Me can't tek this girl no more. [This is how serious it is...she made me get Jamaican on her]

Your boyfriend goes to a dance with another girl and then tells you you're annoying and you sit there and just take it?? This girl must be a glutton for punishment. I know that if that was me, either I'd a) punch his teeth out or b) say "Eff you" and never speak to him again. [I'd really like to do A but I'd probably end up doing B since I'm quick to dismiss people anyway.] I just really don't get what her deal is. I dunno what would make her keep staying with this guy. He's not that cute...he looks like a 38-year-old pretending to be a teenager! Then at the end of the episode, he had the nerve to say "Poor Jessica." UGH What a bitch! guys suck.....lol

Seemed as if everyone else had fun at the Winter Formal. Kristen went with some random dude, Jessica went with some Conan O'Brien lookalike and not-a-damn-cast-member Alex H. went with "some guy" [thanks, Best Week Ever!].

LC was totally absent from this episode. They need to show what the hell that girl is up to...if she's not in college, what the hell is she doing with her time? Does she work? Lay in her jacuzzi all day? What?

The funniest part of the show was the fact that all the girls were getting hair extensions...I was like black people were doing that ages ago and now you just caught on?? lol But hey, a trend is a trend. Kristen, Alex H., and Taylor's hair did look nice, tho. But Kristen's right about Casey's hair..it looks like shite. That girl is so fake!! With her huge, ridiculously white teeth, platinum blonde hair and fake nails. UGH, go back to where you came from.

Next week Stephen is back, God only knows why. Jessica and Jason are fighting...AGAIN...and then they show her crying.

Please Jesus, for my sanity, let the next episode be the LAST of this J/J mess. I like drama but not when someone's being so mistreated.


Ahhh....the joy of doing nothing

I think EVERYONE should get one week off at least every three months, just to get a breather, ya know? In that week, you can get refreshed, do things you've been wanting to do, like help your mother clean the garage or go to the mall to get a gift for your friend....

...which is what I did today. I have this week off before work begins again next Monday. I hadn't gotten a gift for my friend yet, who had the graduation BBQ A WEEK ago! I'm a bad friend...lol...

Anyway, I got her a gift which is kinda similar to the gift I got another friend last year for HER graduation, but because it's engraved, I think I can get away with that guilt free. How about I'm planning on doing the same thing AGAIN for another friend graduating next month....no shame. But they're good gifts!

I'm looking up what I would have to do to work as a pharmacist in the UK...it's kinda hard actually....damn Google doesn't work for everything. But I think I might just ask my friend who lives there who's in pharmacy school right now, cuz I'm getting a headache looking.....



Picture Time

My cell phone and my favorite lamp. Let's hope this lamp doesn't break too.


What should I do with my life???

A very heavy question but it definitely needs to be asked. Here's my dilemma:

I definitely don't wanna live in FL anymore, but where do I go?

Should I do a residency or just go to work for Walgreens or something?


Here's what I really feel like doing: Moving to London (despite the recent scary happenings in that city) and living there for a year or something...if everything turns out OK. And the thing is that, I think everything would turn out OK. Thing is, I really liked England...yes the "houses" were really American townhouses lol, but hey everything's smaller so I'd have to just deal.

But I'm SCARED!! Scared that if I don't do a residency or start my career immediately, that I'm gonna miss out on something. I keep feeling that I need to get "my life" started right away. But I've heard it time and time again and I really need to start listening...that I'm a young person and I have plenty of time...'jehovah' willing.

Living here is giving me a headache. Too much CRAP to worry about, man!! Why does it seem like people's lives in other countries are not as complicated? That's because they're lives aren't complicated! They stress less and worry less. Perfect!

Or maybe I should move to an island...there is DEFINITELY never any stress when you live in an island country...it's not possible! All that damn sea water around has to be calming...tek it easy, as Jamaicans would say. Back to Jamaica, or should I try Puerto Rico, Madagascar maybe???

I'm sure I could get a job in England if I wanted...just take a little test. My skills are universal and marketable so it wouldn't take much to get a job. Unfortunately, they make way less money lol.

I just don't know what to do....someone just needs to come and tell me what to do. Or maybe I should stop doing what I always do and just make a decision and STICK TO IT! No dilly-dallying.

dammit. I'm out.

p.s. I broke my hair dryer 20 minutes ago.

I sat on my desk to look at it and try to fix it....the desk collapses underneath me. So I broke my desk 15 minutes ago. Sad.

my new favorite site....WIKIPEDIA. I've never learned so much from a website in my life!!! My brain is overflowing with info...


Picture Time

I like to call this pic "Crossings". Shot in London. No idea what building this is. No idea where I was when I took it, but I think I was on my way to checking out Tower Bridge.



List five songs that you are currently digging - it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions and the five songs (with artist) in your blog. Then tag five people to see what they're listening to.

Currently digging:

1. "I'm Sprung" by T-Pain...lol

2. "Music is the Victim" by Scissor Sisters

3. "I Predict a Riot" by Kaiser Chiefs

4. "I'm a King" by PSC and T.I.

5. "Take Me" by Raphael Saadiq and Teedra Moses...I listen to this one EVERYDAY!


Gotta go........away, not to the bathroom.

1. I've decided that I SERIOUSLY NEED to move away from South Florida...it's like not even a joke anymore. It's not good for me here. I decided this last nite. I won't say what happened but it just made me realize that I think I'll be better off somewhere else. If they didn't make such little money in England, I would totally move there lol. But since that's not really an option, I gotta think of where else I could move...Philly, Toronto, San Francisco?? Dunno yet, but I REALLY gotta go.

2. Went and saw "Red Eye" tonite with C and S. It was a really good movie! Too bad an argument between two ghetto ass groups of people erupted while the movie was starting. I can't believe how these people act when they go to the movies!! They just give black people a bad name. But back to the movie, I'm totally in love with Cillian Murphy! I just love his name lol. And he is so good at playing a psycho. I hope he becomes really famous cuz he deserves it. And I'm starting to like that Rachel McAdams girl too. I still need to rent "The Notebook" cuz I heard it's really good. It's so funny...neither one is American...damn foreigners imitate Americans so well! lol

3. If I saw ONE more frickin extra long t-shirt tonite I thought I was gonna scream. I even saw a GIRL wearing one!! They don't look good AT ALL and I dunno why those kids keep wearing it. Speaking of kids, why is that all I saw at the movie theatre?? There were TONS of them just chilling and hanging out. Is that where they all hang out nowadays?? I thought Muvico was bad, but now the theatre close to my house is like that too.

4. Got very tipsy last nite, but it was a good nite overall. Danced a lot and a lot of my friends were out too. Never sweat so much in my life, but it was all good. This morning though, I felt like I had made a fool of myself last nite because of how I was acting, but my friend assured me that I didn't and that I've done more embarassing things when I'm drunk, like trying to row with an umbrella on the floor of our apartment.

5. Tomorrow, I'm gonna try and see if I can call Moussa. I haven't talked to him in a while, and I'm sure he'll be happy to hear from me.


Cillian Murphy YUMMMM. I've seen a couple of his other movies, my favorite being 28 Days later!! [Not 28 Days, which is the Sandra Bullock movie that people always confuse it with]. I've also seen his first movie "Disco Pigs" which was totally Irish and really hard to understand, and "Intermission" which also had Colin Farrell in it...for once I didn't hate that guy.


My crazy mother...and other subjects...

1. I love my mother, but she's nuts lol. She's taking these classes now and the woman said she was disappointed because she got a 92 for the whole class!!!! A 92!! I'm sure most of the other people would KILL to have a grade like her. But my mother is a big, smart overachiever so I'm not surprised by the attitude. But I'm proud that she's aiming so high. She even complains that the teachers don't know what theyre talking about. I told her she should become a teacher there when she's done. She's thinking about it.

2. Going to the VMAs is no longer happening. The tickets cost $100 and $200!!! Hell no I'm not paying for that. But sadly, there are people out there who will. We tried the option of being seatfillers for the event, but my friend got the email bounced back to her....ghetto. So that's not gonna work either.

3. Today was my last day at work at the PCC...for now. It was so sad. I had to say goodbye not only to the people who worked there, but also the girl who worked with me, S. She was so nice. I told her to keep in touch and she promised that when she was back down in Miami, we'd hang out cuz we didn't get a chance to this time around.

4. The "going out for drinks" thing with Mr. Married/Taken isn't gonna happen. He had to come in to work tonite cuz someone else called in sick. The more I think about it, the more messed up I realized it would be if I had gone out. But dammit, I just wanna go out for drinks!! I'm innocent in the mess. I just like to meet new people and hang out with them, but onna my friends said it would be better if it was like a whole buncha people going out instead of just us two, and I agreed. So I won't talk to him again....till November when I gotta go back to where he works.

5. Going out tonite..cuz it's free and I'm broke. Come on September! Can't wait for my student loans to come in....I need government funds!!



Picture Time

This is a picture of us on the day we dressed up in the Bioterrorism suits. This suit gets you some very scared looks when you're walking down the hallway of a hospital. People usually think something is horribly wrong. I'm on the right.


Laguna Beach: Damn you Talan!

So Talan acted like a TOTAL jerk this episode. He acted all sweet to Taylor's face and then turns around and bad mouths her behind her back to Kristen. She even realizes that Talan is playing a game and confronts him, but OF COURSE, in the end, it seemed as if she forgave him even though he would say stuff like "I don't care about you." WHAAATTTT?? I would've thrown his bling-bling wearing ass into the Pacific.

The other Laguna Jerk, "I have a beard so I'm probably waaayy older than I look" Jason, was also acting like his title this episode. He totally is messing around with Jessica and I wanted just shake her HARD and say "Jessica, he's just not that into you!!!!" But since it's a TV show that was taped months ago, I think that'd be kinda difficult. She keeps saying she wants "solid proof" but DAMMIT, there are also things called REALLY GOOD CLUES. The thing though is that they kissed and made up(GRRRR) at the end of the show...LITERALLY. I've never seen a kiss on this show before so when they actually showed them kissing, I was shocked. Hopefully they show more!!! lol JK...

The other highlight of the show was when oh-so-smooth Casey tried to leave Alex and Jason alone at dinner when she made up a lie that she left her phone in the car and asked the other guy to come "help her find it"...could her fake ass BE any more obvious???

And as I always, I have to ask the question of WHY IS KRISTEN'S FRIEND ALEX NOT A CAST MEMBER??? She is in every damn episode and every other scene!! She can't be THAT boring, can she???? Maybe....

Other happenings in my REAL life:
1. My friend called me and asked if I wanted to go to the VMAs. Hopefully we do!
2. I've arranged to have drinks this Friday with this guy...but I think he has a GF...worse, I think he's married!! It doesn't matter, cuz it was all gonna be innocent anyway.
3. My rotation ends this month. I'm gonna miss working there. They're fun people!



Picture Time

Shiny hair


Graduatin' time

It's was my friend's graduation BBQ yesterday and here's a quick recap of allllll the going on's:

1. Got there HELLA EARLY!!!! Note to self: seriously, start showing up three hours late for EVERYTHING!!!

2. Took lots of pictures...everyone admired my camera...."so light and thin!" they all exclaimed.

3. Saw lots of people from school...it was great! One girl had just gotten back from a 6 month stay in Australia. I felt a connection to her being the world travellers that we are lol

4. Ate some AWESOME food. I wish I could eat like that every damn day of my life. I missed out on the actual BBQ food though and apparently I missed something great cuz I was told it was "life-changing" on a couple of occassions.

5. Was asked about a MILLION times where my other roommate from school, C, was. I kept saying, "this is not my party. How am I supposed to know if she's supposed to be here or not?"
Turns out, she wasn't even invited cuz no one really keeps in touch with her...or she doesn't keep in touch with anyone else, whatever it is...

6. Saw lots of babies and children.

7. Violated many HIPPA laws when I kept telling people at the party about the calls we get at work...I threw patient confidentiality out the window. But mind you, I never used any names.

8. I think of how much it sucks that we all live so far apart....or I mean, I live so damn far from them. That's why I either wanna a) make some new friends that live closer to me or 2) move to a 'walking' city where things are closer together. I'm tired of things being so spread out.

9. Was asked by my friend, S, if I ever hooked up with this other guy, M, who was at the party. I said "Ummm, no, Ive barely spent two minutes alone with him ever." But for some reason, she thinks he likes me. I told her that he's friendly and affectionate with EVERYONE, but dammit, she actually got me thinking about it...he is cute though...she thinks the same thing.

10. Accidentally hit the aforementioned boy, M, in his mouth with his water bottle. It was an accident but he kept telling people that I busted his lip.

11. My friend, S, kept telling everyone how she helped marinate the food. Lol...about 800 times. We kept telling her to shut up.

All in all, it was fun! I'm looking forward to having something for my graduation, which will be soooooon!!!



Graduatin' time

The cake......
Food time...
Me and my former roommates...minus the fourth...


For the love of Laguna...Beach that is!

I love Laguna Beach!! I just had to say that real quick.

I know the show seems really fake with the whole setup of the cameras and what not. But I totally think that show is great...

...totally...like, for sure.

The word "like" is uttered about 8,230,478 times per show...and I didn't know people actually used the words "dude", "stoked", and "rad". But thanx to Stephen and Kristen, I know that people REALLY DO talk like that now.

I'm sorry...it's so California, it cannot be fake.



Picture Time

My father in the ocean.

My feet in the sand.


For love or money?

This was the topic of the day on a radio show I was listening to this morning as I was driving to work. It came up because they found out that an actress was gonna be marrying the prime minister from some Caribbean country and apparently, "he looks just like Grimace from McDonalds." HAHAHA that's meeeeaaaannnnn. BUT, he is filthy rich. So they thought she might be doing it for just the money.

So would I marry for love or money?

Of course, the answer is I would only marry someone for the money!!!

Just kidding....Love, of course because, DUH, the appeal of money wears off after about two seconds. Plus, being rich isn't all it's cracked up to be, I'm sure. As long as I can live comfortably and take a vacation every year, I should be straight. So if a guy out there has enough money to at least help me do that, we can do business together. Please fill out an application and turn it in.


Also, I found out today that I'm gonna be at the same hospital I'm at now for a stupid, boring rotation in November. I didn't want it but it's all I could get so I gotta take it. crackers!


Butterfly World

Pictures from our little family outing to Butterfly World. I took my brother and our cousin. I'm never going back there again. It's fun for about a millisecond then gets hella boring. Next time, Miami Seaquarium! But at least I got to take pictures :)

The suspension bridge in the 'world'.

Awww, purty butterfly.

I had nightmares about this sucker for DAYS afterwards...wait...nevermind, I don't dream so that's a lie.


People are not human beings

Let me start off on a lite note! This weekend I went out on a HOT, HOT date....with my friend K. lol. She said she's been out on more dates with me than anyone else. Yay! I feel special. A couple of other friends met up with us. Anyway, we ended up going to the Factory of Cheesecake, UNFORTUNATELY, because it was raining like a bitch and so it wasn't particularly good weather for walkin around and finding a new restaurant. DAMN! I wanted to try something new. DAMN YOU CHEESECAKE FACTORY with your salty ass dumplings...I was getting high blood pressure just sniffing those mothers....

Annnnyyyywhoooooo...on to the main topic....

People have heard me say before that I don't wanna have kids. It was always kind of a half-joke, half-serious type comment but what happened today solidified my feelings. Mind you that this is just my feeling at the present moment, and who knows? Maybe if I meet a nice gentleman, I actually MIGHT change my mind and procreate like apparently I'm supposed to.

Let's just say that today, I got into a 'discussion' with a colleague of mine, who, in essence, believed that she shouldn't be helping out the less fortunate. [That's just me paraphrasing....I don't have the room to write all she said] We were sitting with some other people too, but it was mainly me and her in the discussion.

I just don't understand how you, AS A HUMAN BEING, cannot be concerned about the welfare of those that might not be as fortunate as you are??? She claims that people take advantage of 'the system' and basically end up getting free money...she even came at me with some RIDICULOUSLY RARE cases of people taking advantage of the system. I explained to her that those people and cases are the exceptions rather than the rule.

My logic is, this is fricking America. People take advantage of loop holes ALLLLL the time. But apparently it's OK if the rich do it, but not the poor. I say, if people find a loophole, GOOD FOR THEM!!! Take as much advantage as you can because people rip one another off every day in this DAMN country. As long as them taking advantage doesn't affect me directly, I say go ahead.
I cannot stand capitalism!!! Capitalists, mainly the sick Americans, are greedy bastards who only look out for themselves. They lack any sense of caring and are, to me, NOT what I would define a human being to be. She lives a RIDICULOUSLY comfortable life and just because she "THINKS" someone might be getting some of 'her money' illicitly that the whole idea of socialism and making sure everybody gets healthcare and education should be scrapped??? I only WISH that these people knew what poverty was...or even had a chance to experience the task of living from paycheck to paycheck...then their damn tune would change.

I struggle everyday with the thought of bringing a child into a world like this. YES, I know there are good people out there or whatever, but I just wanna put an end to it, because I really don't see the point of people existing. If this is how they are gonna act, bring on the nuclear bombs to blow us all out of existence and put me out of my misery.


Picture Time

This a picture that Elizabeth, the girl I met in Paris, sent me recently.....
I'm so stupid......lol...


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches are Dangerous

Today at work was PRETTY BORING!! Actually, it wasn't boring, but it was boring because I didn't do much of anything....none of us did!

The funniest part of the day came when two of the other students got up to do a presentation for this prick that works there. It turns out that the pharmacist in charge of them had told them to do a presentation on peanut butter and jelly instead...PB&J!!!

.....To be specific, the toxicology associated with eating PB&J....HAHAHA!!! Apparently, it's very dangerous....

So they totally got up there and started doing the presentation. Let's just say the prick was NOT too happy because they hadn't done the topic he had assigned them. He couldn't believe the pharmacist told them to do a presentation on a commonly eaten sandwich. But that's what he gets for being a jerk...you get a joke played on you.

I was supposed to be going with my family this weekend to help my sister move, but I don't think they need any extra help, so I'm just gonna stay home and practice for my journal club.


Sittin' on '95

This is what I had to go thru everyday to get to work in Miami....till I got smart!!! Eff traffic...I miss Bath...lol


Sick Bastards!!

So today I had yet another heated discussion with one of the doctors at my work about "politics." The previous conversation was all about seatbelts...basically, him saying he didn't wanna wear one cuz it imposed on his 'freedom.' whatever. lol. He kept harping on the seatbelt, it was crazy!

Today he said he was a Republican and that America is great. Me and another student countered with "what the hell is wrong with you?" and "America ain't so great." But after a while we decided to kill the topic.

Another doctor started talking about how the Republican doctor had bought what is called a "bonsai kitten." We all were wondering what the hell that was and he showed us this website.

BONSAI KITTEN - A website about how to put kittens in a jar and stunt their growth so that they stay small forever!! LOLOLOLOL

Putting kittens in a jar....This is the sickest thing I've ever seen!! We all were laughing mad hard today at the website and figured it couldn't be true. I was totally gullible when I believed he had actually bought one.

Then they showed us another website about a man who is gonna eat a rabbit if people don't buy his book. LOLOLOL He even has receipes for the rabbit!! Please check it out to get a good laugh.


My favorite recipe:

Toby Stew
  • 1 three pound Toby
  • 6 small onions, chopped
  • 1 bay leaf
  • ½ cup chopped celery
  • 2 tsp. salt
  • 2 cups diced carrots
  • 3 raw potatoes, cut up
  • 3 tbs. flour
  • 1 tbs. chopped parsley
Even though I'm not doing much this month, work is obviously totally fun. They're awesome people over there.