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It's Official

It's official....the world is coming to an end.

How do I know?

I just downloaded a song by the Ying Yang Twins called "Live Again".............the song features Adam Levine....FROM MAROON 5!!!!!

HOW? WHAT? WHY?? Where did this pairing even coming from???

I just don't get it. Actually, the song's not half bad, but at this point, even while writing this, I can't stop shaking my head.

This situation just reminds me of the VERY moment I realized rap music was ridiculously popular. A couple years back, I was watching CNN Headline News....and then they started playing 50 Cent in the background as they went to commercial. My mouth fell open and rap music has been pop music ever since then.

[Calming myself now] OK I'm better. I'm on a downloading spree right now mainly because I keep hearing these reggae songs that are so hot everytime I go out and I'm wondering why I don't have them yet! So I'm fixing the problem. Plus I might have to play pretend DJ this weekend for my friend graduation party if her real DJ doesn't work out. I'd have to bring my trusty laptop and my speakers and subwoofer and do like we did at our apartment parties back at school. I love my speakers..they make music sounds so good!!! Everyone should get a sound system for their computer...you'll never wanna go black..I mean back. :)

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well that's a random duet type thingy...

random, indeed!!

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