Picture Time

Miami Karnaval! The fun was 'indescribable'. Don't you wish you were there?? Oh well, there's always next year....


WOW...been a while, huh?

WOOOWW, I've been slacking with the posting.....what's up with that???

Oh yehhhhh, I've been too busy NOT enjoying my job this month!!! on a more positive note, however, carnival was awesome!

actually, carnival weekend was off the chain. Practically went out everynite, except saturday, when I got in a bad mood and decided not to go. I literally started driving, then started craving chicken and went to Popeye's and got a two-piece with a biscuit then went back home and watched SNL, which wasn't very funny. DAMN. First time I've eaten at Popeye's though since driving on the Florida Turnpike!

In addition, I saw an old 'friend' over the weekend. And I use the term loosely...lol. we won't go into that.

anyway, hopefully I can start positing again. It's cuz I can never find the time...I have the day off tomorrow so here I am...thank you Rosh-a-shanna!! or however u spell it...or whatever Jewish holiday it is tomorrow cuz that's why I'm off....



laughs aplenty

tonite i went to see Pablo Francisco. I realized he's mainly an 'impersonations' type comic, not a 'tell jokes' comic. He was still funny tho, but I don't think my friend was digging him too much.

Is it just me or does it feel just a little sucky when you invite someone to do something and then they end up not enjoying it as much as you do? Yeh, it's not THAT big a deal, but when you invite someone to do something, to try something new, you want them to be having as much fun as you are. Sucks it didn't work out that way but anyyywayyyy....

after that, went to fat tuesdays where we made our plans for the next TWO weekends. Next weekend, CARNIVAL! Yay, im so excited. The next weekend is my friend's birth-weekend. LOL for her it's not a birthday, but practically a birth-MONTH since she starts celebrating as soon as the month starts which is today. I'm the official DJ for that 'soiree' and you know we gonna be doing to Willie Bounce to every song imaginable.

we had a good time overall. We joked and laughed about how somewhat showy one of my friends can about her watch. We told her that we'd had a 'meeting' and discussed the situation and determined that whenever someone asks the time, she seems to show off and let everyone know that her watch is glow-in-the-dark, making her the only one that can see the time in dark places. She's had the watch for eons, and we've decided to let her keep the watch...on the condition that she not be so showy lol. It was all in good fun...

also rampant throughout the night was our observations of people that were doing the "Offbeat" a dance where people move....well...offbeat. We always try to do this offbeat dancing, but for some reason, our natural grasp of rhythm and motion precludes us from having an success at doing the offbeat...i.e. we know how to dance, so it doesn't work! We TRY to be offbeat, but unfortunately, we always end up going back ONbeat. Such a shame....

time for bed. nite.