New Series!

I always say I'm gonna do a 'series' or something but that shit never works out. lol. This time I'm gonna do it for real though!!! I swear...so yeh, seeing as how I'm a legal drug dealer and all, I think I should do a public service and inform people about drugs. So the new series is gonna be called "DRUG OF THE DAY."

Ill post the link to the right but for now, educate yourself about these xenobiotics and PLEASE visit the keeper of the drugs, the FDA. Learn that drugs are not cure-alls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dammit, they are just meant to relieve, alleviate, diminish, prevent, blah blah, I could go on. I wish people would get that! And doctors don't know everything! They are not Supermens and womens; they are human beings just like you and me and figure out life by trial and error.


Me and the FDA aren't really talking right now though cuz I'm still mad at them for not approving over-the-counter emergency contraception [aka the Morning-after pill]. It's not gonna make people have more unsafe sex you idiots!! I don't even think that's possible.

But apparently, yet ANOTHER decision is gonna be made soon on Sep. 1. Let's hope they make the right choice this time. Read about it here.


In a Funk....

I dunno what's goin on but I'm in a total funk. I don't wanna do my work...I should be doing it right now, but I'm not in the mood. I think it's cuz I don't sleep AS SOON AS I come home anymore. Before, as soon as I stepped in the door after work, I'd hit the bed. And it was working fine so I think I'm gonna go back to that strategy.

This rotation hasnt been that bad. The girl who's with me is cool. I just found out today that her first name is her mother's name spelled backwards and her middle name is her last name backwards. lol. Effin crazy!

The funniest thing though is the girl that works in the PCC with onna my classmates. She has this accent that reminds me of this skit on MAD TV with these two Hispanic girls played by Deborah Wilson and Nicole Sullivan. Their accents are exaggerations, of course, but this girl actually kinda sounds like them! I didn't know people really talked like that. She's cool though.

Another funny thing is how me and my classmate are the only two people in the department that don't speak Spanish. That's Miami for ya!!

I bought the Dane Cook CD/DVD yesterday. It's cool so far. Unfortunately, I keep comparing it to his first CD and I'm trying really hard not to do that. He's got some funny stuff, but I definitely have to listen again...especially since it's a DOUBLE CD!!

This was in B&NobleS...also bought a magazine while I was there about photography. I'm really in love with it. And when onna my friends was taking a look at my pics from Europe, she said she thought I was really good and that I should try to get into it. I consider her somewhat of an 'artiste' and creative type so I was flattered by what she said.

Back to work!!! I can't believe it's been a whole week already!!! My life is wasting away!!! Im almost 30!!



Today, I started a new rotation...one that's gonna be even more work than the last one!! Nevertheless, I'm gonna post at least a little something every couple of days.

anyway, what's been happening with me?

Went to Orlando this weekend to a conference. I went just to accompany my friend, even though I wasn't officially going to the conference. However, some haters tried to stop my flow. They were staying at the Ritz-Carlton and I guess since they thought I was free-loading, they told me to get out. I actually just said OK when the girl said that to me, but one thing I learned this weekend is that I need to learn how to be angry. When she said that to me, my reply shoulda been "Who you think you talking to, bitch??" But unfortunately, that's not what I said. I really should've said it cuz she didn't have to tell me to get out and it's not like they haven't known me for a while and I was once the secretary of that damn organization!!! And this was after I had stopped earlier in the day to help the bitch with her flat tire!!! Goes to show you that helpin doesn't pay. lol. Their logic was that I shouldn't be staying there free on school money; my logic is "you dumb fucks, who cares if you're wasting school money?" The school robs you blind each year by how much tuition they charge and you're trying to help them out??? Gimme a frickin break. Plus, people do this at conferences ALLLL the time. They were treating it like a big deal when it really wasn't. Let's just say if I ever say her in a fire, I would just stand there and watch and drink my refreshing water.

All in all it was fun though. Went out both nights and saw some friends from school that were visiting Orlando that nite too. yay!


Locksbrook Cemetery

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
A picture I took in Locksbrook Cemetery, Bath. I kept walking by this cemetery during my work at the Royal United Hospital. One day I walked in there and noticed some pretty old gravestones so I said I was gonna stop by and take some pics. This is one of them.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com



LAWDDDDD....this is the first time all week that my mind has been clear enough to write anything. AS USUAL, I'm frickin busy...here's a rundown...I have three, THREE, patient education sheets, a rough draft for my journal article critique and THREE handouts due tomorrow!!! But my pharmacist just emailed me and said she wont be coming in to work tomorrow...so now I'm frickin jumpin for joy...

This is the last week of this rotation, but apparently the next one is gonna be a lot of work too. I met the pharmacist for that one last week. She seems like a tough bitch, to put it lightly. Im definitely gonna try and organize my stuff better next month, so that I'm not goin to bed at 1 and waking up at 4 just to finish all my crap.

Anyway, been going out to get a break, even though I shouldn't really be doing that. Went to some French thing last Thursday, which was aight, went to Bayside Hut after that where my dress kept blowing up cuz it's by the frickin bay!! I'll never wear it out again. Went out with Keisha last nite to Cafe Iguana cuz I haven't seen her since I've been back. That was great!

And my little brother has been accusing me of not 'spending any time with him' lol as he puts it. I wanna take him to Miami Seaquarium or something but I just don't have the time.



This sucks...

I started the whole blog so I could talk about what happened while I was in Bath, but I kinda wanted to continue it for home. That's not going too well seeing as how I never have anytime to be on the computer. Actually, that's a lie, cuz I'm ALWAYS on the computer, but it's always work related. Like I've said before, this month has been mad hectic, but I don't think next month will be.

But speaking of work, Friday marked my two weeks at work in Miami, so it was time for a sort of midterm evaluation. It was very scary to know that even though my preceptor has only known me for two weeks, she summed me up to a T when she was evaluating me. The weird thing though was that I wasn't offended or anything. She had a lot to say, but she did it in such a nice way that I took in all that she said because I think it's pretty good advice.

It was a long conversation, but to sum it up, my people skills are SHITE. She said she realized I'm very nonchalant, very laid back, not very aggressive and not very assertive. She said she thought that sometimes, I look like I'm bored at work and that I don't wanna be there, but I told her that was so far from the truth. She just asked that I be a little bit more proactive and try to involve myself more. She said she thought it might be my personality, which is right, but she made me realize that that kind of attitude might be OK in my personal life, but I cannot be like that when it comes to work. I have to put myself out there and leave a good impression on people because that's how you get hired. And because I wanna stay in this area, she said it was vital that I make a good mark and make good connections. I totally agreed with everything she said, so these for the last two weeks, I promised her a change in attitude and I'll definitely do my best.

Ill try to keep posting, but we'll see......


For the sadist in you

Literally minutes of mindless fun! Watch a bikini-clad woman hurt herself over and over again here. I've never laughed so hard.

Too bad she's not real or she'd be paralyzed by now.


Home Sweet Home Pt 2

When I was in England, I used to big up their transportation system and say only good things about the trains and buses. People actually got 'offended' because they don't think it's so great. But I wonder if they'd prefer to drive 40 miles a day just to go to work, or 30 miles just to go out?? They'd start wanting big ol' SUVs too. Anyway, the transportation I'd been praising chose to let me down on the day I needed it the most...my train into London was AN HOUR late and I missed my flight check-in by 10 minutes!!! I ended having to switch trains, so I had to move my heavy ass luggage MULTIPLE times that day, which was NOT hot. So I was put on standby for the next morning! Which meant I had to stay in the airport....overnight...for 20 hours!!

I've never been more close to insanity...I mean I was at the freakin edge. Never been so bored in my life! Plus the airport was cold so I never really slept well. I was jealous of all the people I saw knocked out. Didn't get put on the first flight the next AM but managed to get on the one for Cincinatti, which was a weird ass airport, because you have to pick up your baggage first, even if you're connecting. Go figure. So MORE lugging my heavy luggage! Anway, finally made it to sunny Florida. I never realized how frickin humid FL was until I was waiting outside for my mother to come pick me up, but dammit, I prefer the heat.

Got here Sunday evening, had to be at work the next AM!! And I do mean work. My preceptor has got me doing TONS. Not only do I have to be there almost 8 hours already, then I have to go home, read, do assignments, projects, presentations, etc. It's like I'm working and going to school!! But I welcome the change from Bath, where I barely did anything, and learned even less. It didn't give me much time to call my friends to tell them I was home. I didn't call some till at least Wednesday and still haven't seen any yet....maybe next week.

It's been an alright first week. I've been learning lots, which is good. There was one day where I felt like I wasn't doing anything right and my confidence was kinda shot, but I bounced back the next day. I have this Monday off though. Thank god the US wanted it's independence from England cuz I get to have a holiday!

I just realized....England doesn't have an 'Independence Day.' Damn colonists. They just take over everyone else and people have to get away from them. lol



Home Sweet Home

I've been home for a week now but this is the FIRST time I've been able to find 10 seconds to post something.....

...or nothing, since I can't get my mind to work straight! I'm so tired right now it's ridiculous. I haven't really recovered from my HORRENDOUS flight experience last weekend because I had to go straight to work on Monday....

...work which has been non stop. Ill post tomorrow. Right now I need some Vitamin B and some sleep.