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WOW...been a while, huh?

WOOOWW, I've been slacking with the posting.....what's up with that???

Oh yehhhhh, I've been too busy NOT enjoying my job this month!!! on a more positive note, however, carnival was awesome!

actually, carnival weekend was off the chain. Practically went out everynite, except saturday, when I got in a bad mood and decided not to go. I literally started driving, then started craving chicken and went to Popeye's and got a two-piece with a biscuit then went back home and watched SNL, which wasn't very funny. DAMN. First time I've eaten at Popeye's though since driving on the Florida Turnpike!

In addition, I saw an old 'friend' over the weekend. And I use the term loosely...lol. we won't go into that.

anyway, hopefully I can start positing again. It's cuz I can never find the time...I have the day off tomorrow so here I am...thank you Rosh-a-shanna!! or however u spell it...or whatever Jewish holiday it is tomorrow cuz that's why I'm off....


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