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Swimming Time Part Deux

Swimming time has been going....well...swimmingly :) Three other people are in the class..two older chicks and some dude. The instructor's very nice. He taught us that we need to just RELAX and have no fear, which is sooo true!! Once you relax and just feel the water around you instead of freaking out, thinking you're gonna drown and start flailing around, swimming is much easier. I even learned how to kick properly, which is totally different from what I was doing before.

I even went yesterday to the pool at my aunt's apartment (since we don't have one) to practice. I took my little brother cuz I knew if I didn't wait for him, I would never hear the end of it..."Kim, why didn't you take me?? You don't love me!" So I waited til he got back from school. I went to the lesson last nite too and we learned how to do a backstroke. But maannnn, the class goes by too fast! I swear we're done in two seconds. A plus though is that my arms are killing me, meaning I worked 'em a lot.

Anyway, when I got to the lessons, a sign was up saying there'd be no lessons Thurs. and Fri. because of the storm that's coming. Huh?? Storm? What storm?

This is what I get for not watching the news. Turns out this little miss Tropical Storm Katrina is serious because we're under a hurricane warning and schools are closed and everything. I'm sure my brother's happy as hell.

But all I'm worried about is will this affect the Video Music Awards this weekend???

My friend got an email back saying we could get into this performance at Hotel MTV on Saturday. It's a seatfiller type thing. We wanted to be seatfillers for the REAL show, but hey, something is better than nothing. Hopefully the storm is LONG GONE by Friday and I can get back to having a good time! I doubt MTVll be coming back to Florida again.....lol.


My brother's creative dive into the pool.

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Okay, I don't feel so bad ... for a while, I thought that I was the only person who thought, "screw Miami's shorelines, that storm better not mess up the VMAs!" ;)


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