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Hurricane Katrina..what a bitch

For a category 1 storm, this chick sure caused a lot of damage! But thank god/jehovah/allah/buddha, it's over and done with and off to torture someone else as probably a stronger storm. So most of the storm happened yesterday with plenty of rain and wind blowing and knocking over trees, but today there was some rain here and there.

The funniest thing I saw yesterday was, at the start of the rain, I was outside trying to take a picture when I saw some dude passing in front of our house...and he was carrying three twelve-packs of Heineken!! Is this REALLY the time to be stocking up on your alcoholic beverages? I guess so. The wind was blowing him hard but he was making sure as hell he got home with the beer. Apparently this ain't so strange...a report on CNN today said Walmart reported that beer was the number one item people were stocking up on during last hurricane season! Uhhh, what happened to water? Another thing that sold a lot...strawberry Pop-Tarts...ew! It's all about the Toaster Strudel, but I guess when you have no power, Pop-tarts don't require heat, are semi-edible and therefore great.

Since today was calmer, I went to the mall. And I wasn't the only one there. It was packed! I guess people need something to do when their electricity is out. Free light at the mall! I bought quite a few things tho, but that's cuz I NEVER go to the mall, so when I do buy, I buy in bulk. I really went cuz I wanted something to wear out tonite for my friend's birthday and tomorrow for the MTV thing, which is HOPEFULLY still on.

As I drove home from the mall, I saw another funny thing....the sprinklers were on at this Wachovia Bank branch....and it was raining like hell outside. What a waste of water! lol.


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yah, I've noticed ppl are crazy about beer, but that's apparently because the prices are ridiculously low. There's a picture of a guy in the Alligator who actually bought EIGHTY cases of beer from Kash N Karry. Seriously!

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