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Your last name ISN'T Patel?

Today I met an Indian person whose last name ISN'T Patel. lol

During a mandatory orientation session today, which, by the way, was on the THIRD DAY OF THE JOB, we all got bored and stopped paying attention to the cheesy video. Yeh, yeh I know I'm not supposed to reveal patient information...I'm not stoopid! Anyway, I noticed that one girl signed the sign-in sheet with the last name "Beharry."

"What kind of name is 'Beharry'?" I asked her. "It's Indian" she replied.

I told her I was curious because one of my favourite shows on Nickelodeon called Unfabulous [at which point everyone proceeded to laugh at me because I have a favorite show on a kids channel] has a character named Jake Beharry. The main character, Addie, has a HUGE crush on Jake and she once made up this song about him where she kept singing "JAKE BEHAAARRRY." Jake obviously wasn't Caucasian but I could never figure out his race. To quote my sister, he's onna those 'raceless' types lol. So now I know he's Indian.

But yeh, the Patel thing is something I've just always noticed. I honestly think 50% of Indians in the US have that last name lol. And I don't think I'm wrong. Someone should carry out a census....

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