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Swimming Time!!

The time has finally come.

I'm taking swimming lessons. How embarassing for a 22 year old from Jamaica AND Florida.

I get plenty of questions cuz of these reasons: "you never learned to swim when you were little?" NO

"You're from Jamaica and you can't swim?" NOO!

"You're from Florida and you can't swim???" NOOOO!!

So now HOPEFULLY, I learn how to swim. I really, really, really wanna learn how but I heard it's also really, really hard to learn when you're older. Those damn kids learn to swim in two seconds...I remember my little brother was swimming by his second lesson!!! It's a week long course, but my mother said since it's not too expensive that I should just do two weeks...get more practice in. I don't know how to do any other sport, so if I learn how to swim at least I can brag and say I can actually do something...even though to other people it might be nothing to brag about, but to me it'll be a big accomplishment. Maybe it can be my talent if I ever have to enter a beauty pageant.

I see my problem already though. All that damn coordination that it requires.... the flapping of the hands, the flapping of the feet, the breathing and try not to drown since it only takes like 1 teaspoon of water to drown! Now I just need to get onna those caps for my hair now and it's off to lessons!! Pray for moi.


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I took adult swim lessons when I was 27 years old. It doesn't matter when you learn as long as you learn at some point, I guess ...

Stolie :)

yeah, it doesn't matter how old you are when you learn to swim...just that you're learning something new :)

hahaha, your hilarious... just pretend your flipper! i'm sure you'll catch on in no time! forget about the kids. Kids are like chameleon they adapt to any situation given. have fun swimming! just remember flipper!

I channeled my inner flipper yesterday and I think it went well! The instructor said he was impressed with me [wink wink nudge nudge].

I'm still trying to figure out how to NOT get my hair wet tho.... :-/

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