Your last name ISN'T Patel?

Today I met an Indian person whose last name ISN'T Patel. lol

During a mandatory orientation session today, which, by the way, was on the THIRD DAY OF THE JOB, we all got bored and stopped paying attention to the cheesy video. Yeh, yeh I know I'm not supposed to reveal patient information...I'm not stoopid! Anyway, I noticed that one girl signed the sign-in sheet with the last name "Beharry."

"What kind of name is 'Beharry'?" I asked her. "It's Indian" she replied.

I told her I was curious because one of my favourite shows on Nickelodeon called Unfabulous [at which point everyone proceeded to laugh at me because I have a favorite show on a kids channel] has a character named Jake Beharry. The main character, Addie, has a HUGE crush on Jake and she once made up this song about him where she kept singing "JAKE BEHAAARRRY." Jake obviously wasn't Caucasian but I could never figure out his race. To quote my sister, he's onna those 'raceless' types lol. So now I know he's Indian.

But yeh, the Patel thing is something I've just always noticed. I honestly think 50% of Indians in the US have that last name lol. And I don't think I'm wrong. Someone should carry out a census....


Survey Time

Fun Stuff

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spell your name backwards:eiram
Right Now...
What color pants are you wearing:blue
What taste is in your mouth?meat
Whats the weather like?cloudy and gloomy
how are you?hmmm..depends on what you mean by 'how'
get motion sickness?no
have a bad habit?yes...bad thinking...
get along with your parents?yessss..who doesn't??
have a current crush?NO....there's no one for me to like..isn't that a shame?
have a big regret?HAHAHAHAHAHA there are a good hnadful of BIG regrets
tv show:Gilmore girls, Laguna beach, nip/tuck...that's pretty much all I turn on my TV for these days.
conditioner:the onemy sister gave me to use this weekend..that shit's awesome!!
book:any book I read while in Bath, England cuz I actually read those for fun
non-alcohol drink:juice
alcohol drink:juice and alcohol
things to do on weekends:Bayside Hut, the Improv, clubs, movies, etc.
Have you ever...
broken the law:everyday, by speeding and lately, not wearing my seatbelt. Frank was right...I do feel more free!!
ran away from home:never...where the hell else would i go?
snuck out of the house?never
got caught?never
ever gone skinny dipping:ummm...never ever
used your parents credit card:come to think of it..never...have always used my own
skipped school before:HAHAHAHA everyday in college
been in a school play:no
had a bf/gf:yes...but not many
had children:HAHAHAHA never have and never will
been in love:NEVER!! This is a damn shame!!
had a hard time getting over someone:ohhh yes...damn him!
been hurt:yes...damn him!
gone out with someone u only knew for 3 days?yes...hasn't every1 done that?
When/What was the last...
you got a letter:today...a lovely overdraft fee letter from Bank of the Americas
an email:today...junk, junk and more junk
a phone call:5 minutes ago
thing u purchased:Vietnamese food for my family to eat last nite...
TV show u watched:Gilmore girls last nite
movie u saw in theatres:Red eye...yummm Cillian
kissed:this is a messed up ? lol...actually about three months ago
song u heard:something by Esthero...trying to listen to the CD my friend gave me
place u were (besides home):Work
u were depressed:never depressed but can get the blues
u were in the hospital:today...at work lol
What comes to mind when u hear...
car:new Mitsubishi Eclipse
cell:phone, jail
fun:going out
music:1xtra...cuz that's what playin in the background right now...
Ship:i wanna go on a cruise!!

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Picture Time

The graduation girl's fantastic shoes!! She took them off in about 20 minutes. Beauty hurts...

Her shrine/graduation cake. When they said "Time for cake!" I actually expected to hear a song or something, but then I realized, it wasn't a damn birthday party.


New Week!

So this week started with a BANG!! well not really...I just started a new rotation. Now i get to see messed up ICU patients all the time! Happy days!!

Nothing special happening these past few days. Went to my friend's graduation party on Friday nite...got her the same gift I get EVERYONE for graduation lol. [If you're reading this and I'm gonna buy you a graduation present one day, you'll be getting it too]. It was cool. Made a fool of myself dancing...as usual...mainly by doing what we like to call "The Sean Paul Willie Bounce." Onna my friends remarked that she's glad that she has such fun friends because boring people are well....boring. I second that statement! My real good friends are some fun people and I honestly dont know what I'd do without them.

So as the nite went on I got a little bit of a buzz as I shared the big-ass bottle of pre-mixed Bacardi Bahama Mama with the people there. Another one of my 'friends' [and I use the term loosely] came later with his little posse and his drinks.

At one point, he offered me a taste of what he was having. I said "what is it?" "Vodka and blah blah blah. You want some?" "Yeh, lemme get some" I say. He then goes OUTSIDE and then comes back IN with the drink. This fool is hiding his alcohol in the car!! I shouldn't be surprised though. He's been doing this since I've known him. But how stingy can you get??? lol He swears people are gonna drink up all his liquor and that it should only be for him and his brother. Crazy. I made some remarks that kept pushing his buttons a little so that was hella funny.

In all, not that many people were dancing, but that's what happens when you leave the chairs inside the house at a party. As any party-thrower knows, remove chairs and people wont sit. Also, turn out the lights. I know I hate to dance when bright spotlights are shining at me. We also all agreed that for some reason, it's like we can't dance to nothing but reggae music anymore! lol isn't that a shame?? yeh, yeh we can dance to other stuff, but when reggae comes on, it just gets us going much much more. Doing all the dances and stuff I think is what makes it so interesting...

I also kept getting bugged by my friend's brother, whom everyone deemed annoying and weird. He kept trying to take pictures of me and kept showing my friends pictures he had taken of his eyes! I tried to explain to them that he's one of those people that can be funny but then doesn't know how to stop. One of my friends kept looking back and forth at me and smiling, which made me crack up and then I had to tell everyone else why she kept doing that. Let's just say I made a mistake and she was staring me down to help me remember that ONE LITTLE MISTAKE! lol I was asked how could I ever have done such a thing. My reply was "I simply wasn't in a right frame of mind." Boredom makes you do stupid things.



Back from Polynesia

So yeh, the adventure to the Polynesian restaurant was last night. When we got there, I realized I''ve passed by the restaurant before, but never really thought anything of it.

We pull up to the front and to valet is complimentary...to park your car yourself is $2. Huh? What's the logic to that?? I wish I knew.

Inside, the restaurant is dark as hell. Not subtle "we're on a date" romantic lighting. I mean DARK like "I can't read the menu" dark. I had to remove the cover from one of the lamps just so I wouldn't further damage my eyes! Come on, people, my eyes are already bad...don't make it any worse here.

The drink menu is about ummm...18 pages long. The drinks are divided into every category possible: mild, medium and strong, etc. I get a mild drink, which was REALLY good. They should have that mild category everywhere!! Not too overpowering but you can still taste the alcohol a little.

The food menu comes. It's about 8 pages long. What kinda sign is that when you're drink menu is twice as long as the food menu?? I dunno..are polynesians REALLY into alcohol? Who knows.
I didnt really know what kinda food to expect and someone asked us if we knew what Polynesian food was. I said "Pineapples and oranges?" She joked and said no Jamaican people she's asked know what type of food it is. Well, we're about to find out. I figured it would be tropical/Asian and turns out I was right.

After we order, we decide to go out back to stroll through the gardens, which turned out to be pretty cool. We tried to limbo under this bamboo shoot....yeeeaahhh, that didn't happen. As we stroll along, I jokingly interlocked my arm with my friend's and told her she was my date. We laughed and said ain't that a shame.

My food arrives and I'm not too pleased. This thing was so full of salt I was getting high blood pressure just smelling it! My friend said it wasn't salty, but I think I'm just becoming sensitive or something cuz I've thought this the last few times I've eaten out. I blame my mother. She doesn't put salt in anything anymore.

The best part of the night was the show, which everyone was bitching and moaning about how they had to pay for it lol. They did dances from all of Polynesia..Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii, New Zealand, etc. The Maori dance from New Zealand was the best and actually made me wanna go to the country! My friend's sister, along with some other dude, got pulled up on stage. She rocked, he sucked.

My friend kept commenting on one of the sweaty dancers lol cuz we were right next to the stage. "His sweat's gonna get into my food!" she said while covering up her food. Later on she said "Can you smell his B.O?" hahaha I was like "u cannot smell anything..stop lying." This girl has the biggest aversion to sweat and perspiration that I've ever seen. But you can't expect anything else from a girl that NEVER sweats. If she sweats, then you KNOW it's hot.

My other friend said "I think the MC is Jamaican." We all laughed and said "ummmm, why would a Jamaican guy be the announcer for a polynesian restaurant??" He even LOOKED like he was 'polynesian' so that's not possible. But we all agreed that he just had a generic MC/DJ voice and that he could be on any radio station. Another guy at the table did a REALLY good impression of him that had us all cracking up...he sounded straight off the boat from Jamaica so the impersonation was right on.

When I got the bill, I was none too pleased either especially since I'm a poor college student. But it was worth it, cuz we did something different! But let's just say I won't be going back there for a looonnng time.


My poor immune system

My poor immune system has been invaded...i.e. I'm sick.

This is one time I KNOW exactly who made me sick. The two people I've worked closely with for the past month had both been sick at the same time and they passed on their nasty viruses to me. Let's hope they're not very virulent strains..i.e. hopefully I'm not sick for very long because I have sch-tuff to do. Study for my new rotation that starts next Monday, miss my appointment for my free workout with a personal trainer, etc....

Yesterday, I went to a friend's graduation. Yay, I'm so happy for her! Especially since our old school wasn't let her get anywhere and so she switched schools. She seemed much better off with the switch so I'm happy she did that. She's gonna be doing big things when she becomes a producer! And hopefully she puts me in one of her movies :) Tomorrow is her graduation party where I'm gonna "get crunk and stay drunk" as my big hair friend likes to put it.

When I drink, "the nite of" is usually fine: I dance like I'm crazy and could care less what people think. It's kinda like my Red Bull or Crunk Juice (whatever floats your artificial energy boat)....I get really energized and it keeps me going. But then "the day after", I always start thinking to myself "Did I make a fool of myself last nite??" and "Dammit, Im never drinking again." I really should stop drinking because I swear I'm getting an ulcer lol. Just kidding. I just mean it can be a little irritating to my stomach sometimes, depending on what I drink. But being the pharmacy-student/hypochondriac that I've become, I usually think it's more serious than it is.

Tonite is dinner for my friend's sister's birthday at some Polynesian restaurant. Yay! Get to try something new...I'm always up for that.


ps. More on gym life: Why did I see a 12 year-old boy in the gym the other day? He's not even done growing yet. I don't think he should be there trying to tone, lift and seperate.


It's Official

It's official....the world is coming to an end.

How do I know?

I just downloaded a song by the Ying Yang Twins called "Live Again".............the song features Adam Levine....FROM MAROON 5!!!!!

HOW? WHAT? WHY?? Where did this pairing even coming from???

I just don't get it. Actually, the song's not half bad, but at this point, even while writing this, I can't stop shaking my head.

This situation just reminds me of the VERY moment I realized rap music was ridiculously popular. A couple years back, I was watching CNN Headline News....and then they started playing 50 Cent in the background as they went to commercial. My mouth fell open and rap music has been pop music ever since then.

[Calming myself now] OK I'm better. I'm on a downloading spree right now mainly because I keep hearing these reggae songs that are so hot everytime I go out and I'm wondering why I don't have them yet! So I'm fixing the problem. Plus I might have to play pretend DJ this weekend for my friend graduation party if her real DJ doesn't work out. I'd have to bring my trusty laptop and my speakers and subwoofer and do like we did at our apartment parties back at school. I love my speakers..they make music sounds so good!!! Everyone should get a sound system for their computer...you'll never wanna go black..I mean back. :)


Picture Time

People at the 4th Annual Jamaican Jerk Festival held this past Sunday. It was great! I've never seen my mother dance so much!! And she hasn't stopped talking about it since then. Now I have to tell her about more events like this.
At one of the many vendors that were serving Jamaican food that day. This must've been the REALLY GOOD jerk food because I stood there forever, but finally gave up and went somewhere else. It was so packed!!


New Shows

My favorite shows are coming on tonite!!!!

I'm so excited!!!

I'm still mad at myself for missing the frickin premiere of Gilmore Girls last week, so I don't even know what happened and I can't miss it this week. And the season premiere of Nip/Tuck is tonite too.

So the plan for today:
1. Sleep thru Hurricane Rita
2. Look into residencies (I really need to get off my ass and do this)
3. Watch Gilmore Girls at 8
4. Study at 9
5. Nip/Tuck at 10

I'm soooo excited to see Nip/Tuck!! I haven't seen it in a while. It's one of the more original shows on TV right now and Julian Macmahon is such a FINE actor.

Is it weird to be excited about a TV show?? Sure it is! but I could care less :)

Also watched my other show, Laguna Beach, last nite and am officially OVER any storyline involving Jason. GRRRRR I even switched the channel at the end I was so annoyed.


Again with the punishment

Why are we being punished? Oh yeh that's right...we elected George Bush! hahaha im so funny

but all kidding aside...um, what's up with ANOTHER hurricane coming already?? Allah/Jehovah/God/Buddha must be REALLY ticked off at us because this is the 17th named storm of the season. I just read today on CNN that there are only 4 more names left and after that, they start calling the hurricanes by Greek letters, i.e. alpha, beta, gamma, etc. If we get a hurricane called alpha, I'm seriously gonna think God is coming. Anytime I hear "alpha", I think "alpha and omega" like in the Bible...very scary thought. The Keys have been evacuated, there's a hurricane warning in Miami-Dade county (YAY NO WORK!) and a hurricane watch for my county (BOOOO). I just hope this one doesn't make it to the Gulf Coast too. They need a break.

On to the rest of my life, haven't been to the gym in about 5 days so I finally went yesterday. Started out pretty good until I started feeling a tad woozy and got a slight headache. Either it's a brain tumor ooooor I hadn't had enough water before I started. I'll go with choice B. Now Hurricane Ralph or Rhonda or whatever is gonna break my flow again because I'm sure the gym will be closed tomorrow, just like the Starbucks that closed today at 8 when I had just ordered my Caramel Macchiato and had sat down to study!!!

A girl at the gym was creeping me out a little though. I sat on my machine working my awfully loose abductor muscles while she was on the machine beside me working her adductor muscles. [If you're not a science person, look it up.] This girl was MOANING and GROANING up a storm!!! I said to myself "what is this, a porno???" She should be getting paid for all these sounds. Then I thought she must just be working really hard. I got on the machine after her and without even looking started doing the movement. It was ridiculously easy. That's when I noticed it was on 30 pounds!!!!!

She was making all that noise for that?!?! I quickly changed it to 110 pounds and did my exercise. Wimp.

Saw Dean Edwards at the improv this weekend. He was hilarious!! Hard to remember all the jokes but the one that sticks out in my mind was when he said, referring to his English wife, "Yes, for those of you wondering, my wife is Black." This came a minute after I whispered to my friend that his wife is probably Caucasian. He shut me up good. lol. If he said British, I would've assumed she coud've been any race, but he said "English" so pardonnez-moi.



I love Wikipedia

Seriously....this website knows EVERYTHING!!!!!

If you haven't been to Wikipedia.com yet, get on the ball.

I came across something about Keith Urban while browsing the Hard Rock Live website just now, and decided to just google his butt since I've been seeing him and hearing about him. He was a mystery to me because I kept saying to myself why does this country singer have an Australian accent???? WTF??? Am I hearing things??

Well thanks to Wikipedia, I've been enlightened. He's from New Zealand.....um, even freakier!! How the hell did he get so famous then? Whatever the reason is, now I know more about Keith LIONEL (HAHAHA) Urban than I did 5 minutes ago thanks to my good friend, a website. Today's featured article was about the cerebullum. Now I know more about the cerebellum too!


ps. on a sad note, I've lost my phone. :( And not cuz I'm attached at the hip to it or anything like most people, but just cuz I don't wanna pay money to get a new one!!! I think they take enough from me every month already, I don't wanna shell out any more. I hope some good Samaritan found it and will dial my contacts called "Home" "Mommy" or "Daddy" or at least called the last person I talked to. Thanks, S, for making me lose my phone in Old Navy!! lol. Never again will I talk on the phone while holding a shiteload of clothes in my hand.

pps. I've finally finished printing my pictures from Paris!!! One city down, three more to go. I'm sure Ill spend at least $200 printing these pictures, but it'll be worth it cuz everytime I look at them, I'm still amazed that I was in these countries and got to take such BEAUTIFUL pictures. AINT A GODDAMN THING IN FLORIDA TO TAKE PICTURES OF!!!! So I have to cherish what I've taken elsewhere.

pps. Going out tonite to what has sort of become a tradition, Bayside Hut, in Miami. Tomorrow, it's a free comedy show..free cuz I won tickets on the radio!! Yay, go me.


What's the limit?

Before I get into what I really wanted to talk about, there was yet another thrilling episode of Laguna Beach tonite! Jason totaly validted the cliche that "once a cheater, always a cheater!!!" And he's not even that great!! I mean, can you talk?? Or do I have to beat the words outta you with onna your precious baseball bats. Unlike most people, I'm sure, I feel bad for Jessica. Even though a guy can seem like a jerk, a girl will still be in love with him and be tempted to go running back to him as soon as he calls. I can see how that happens. Not that I'll EVER let it happen to me, but I can understand. I EMPATHIZE. I show empathy. Thanks pharmacy! (not)

Anyway, so this past weekend, I went to South Be-atch to a club called Mansion with some peoples, including one so-called friend. This is a boy I've called TWICE: the first time to ask if he wanted to go out to dinner with another friend, the second to find out if he was still in town cuz he's supposed to be moving overseas soon. TWICE I left a message. TWICE my phone call wasn't returned. Oh yeh, the first time my call went unanswered because "I left my phone at my parent's business." All weekend?? Gimme break. So my limit is two phone calls left unreturned and that's it. What's your limit? Or do you even have a limit?

So yeh, this buddy tried to act all normal with me this weekend, trying to hug me, but I wasn't having it. And that's because onna my pet peeves is having people NOT return my calls, especially when you have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON NOT TO! You're not working...you're on a break from school. We don't have to have an hour long conversation. Just return my call so I can say bye. He even had THE NERVE to call my phone right in front of my when we were first meeting up at another friend's house. This demonstrates to me that a) your phone is functioning perfectly and b) you blatantly haven't returned my call. He thought it was funny to leave a message but I immediately erased it from my voicemail. I frequently brought up thruout the nite the fact that I hate when people don't call me back. He tried to apologize but I didn't care.

I'm sure you're wondering why I'm making such a big deal about it. It's because of the fact that he has been to TWO events that I would've been at anyway, that mutual acquaintances/friends of ours have invited him to. Therefore, this means that he had time to answer THEIR calls and heed THEIR invitations, but you can't even pick up the phone to say hi to me? It just pisses me off, really, to be honest. I'm not good enough to communicate with therefore I have nothing further to say.

I got a text message today reminding me it was his birthday today. My reply was "Good for him." I was told it would be best to forgive and forget but unfortunately, I'm quicker to disqualify you as a friend than to qualify you as such. If I ever get an IM or whatever from this person again, my reply will simply be "who is this?" Have fun in Europe. Peace out, buddy.

On a happier note, I was listening to my favourite show on 1XTRA, the BBC radio station, and they read my email on the air!!!! "It went a little something like "Shout out to Marie from the States. She can't text us so she wrote us an email instead...." It's weird but I actually felt special LOL. I had written them an email during LAST week's show actually, but I think it was too late and they read it this week. I had written them cuz my mother started listening to the show too and said the show was really good. I had my mother listened to my moment of glory. She was happy too. Yay!



Picture Time

Corner of Oakland and University. I don't remember the exact time, but I know it was pretty early to be so dark. It freaked me out, especially when I saw the color of the sky and clouds.


Where was my mother?

I just chastised my mother.

During my unnecesary shopping spree in Walmart today [I only went in for some gum!!], I bought some document frames so we could put some of our more important accomplishments on display in our house, and I came across my grades from high school. All I have to say is WHAT THE FUCK??

I mean, did I even study?? I asked my mother why the hell she let me get such terrible grades and she laughed and said she thought I was doing well. What??? She said she only realized they weren't so hot when she saw how my sister's grades were when she got to high school and only then did she get a chance to compare and see that I could've done better.

I mean, they weren't THAT bad...it's not like I ever failed a class or anything [well, actually in physics, I did get an F but that was completely senioritis-induced]. But I saw WAAAYYYY too many C's that I could less care for and I did see an F and a D here and over there. An F..in semester 1 of French 2??? WTF???? I realized I always managed to do fairly well in the end cuz I would bust my ass for the final but sometimes the original semester grades weren't so good.

But I'm just mad because I would NEVER have accepted grades like that in college. I got two C the first semester in college[but that was when I turned into a gym-rat and went two or three times a day, which was well worth it cuz I lost 10 pounds!] and I said "eff that" and I never got another C again.

But seriously, where was my head in high school?? It's not like I played sports or something so I don't have an excuse for what could've taken up my time so that I wasn't able to study. High school was a blur and I really wish I knew what the hell I was thinking. Obviously I graduated high school and got the IB diploma [only a handful of people my year got it], went to college as a sophomore, blah blah blah, so it all turned out pretty good in the end, but for the life of me I don't know how...not with those grades anyway! How did any colleges accept me??? JEEZ!

My mother's solution: "just don't think about it." IMPOSSIBLE! I'm gonna go cry now. Plus it's time for Mad TV so I'm gonna go laugh too.



Working it out

What a workout yesterday!!

I went to a hip-hop class at my gym (thanks, rap music!) last night and, as can be expected from black people, the instructor was alllll 20 minutes late. I had to laugh. Apparently he got to the gym and realized he had left all his muzak, so he had to go back home to get it. No biggie! he said...he'll just make up the time for us. And for sure he did because the class lasted for a whole hour and a half! People actually started leaving, including me, cuz I got tired, but it was a damn good workout just from dancing. I was sweating up a storm.

It was weird though because I was dancing...in the light! Ive never really done any dancing except in the faint glow of light in clubs. It's not a pretty sight. Or maybe it was for the 20 guys that were staring into the classroom with their noses pressed up against the glass!! Creeps...

There was one older lady in the front that I could tell had been to the class MANY times already...I mean she was even requesting songs! I was like "Is he a DJ or an instructor?"

The ghetto ass girls behind me were also a trip. I mean, he did say to put your own unique spin on the moves, but they were taking it to the highest level! And they would not shut up! I felt like I was at the movie theater! I wanted to turn around and give them that "You need to be quiet" stare, but whatever.

The 5 guys in the class were also funny. I don't even know why they were there. Most were OK, but one totally was acting like he was too cool for school. But I guess I shouldn't knock them for trying to dance because as we all know, they usually adhere to the "lemme stand here and have the girl grind all up on my junk" rule.

The last funny thing was...actually, it wasn't funny but sad really, was when I was leaving the class, I noticed another girl who was TOTALLY doing the dances for attention. I remember seeing her in the gym previously with her short-ass shorts and her bending over motions and knew that she was just doing it for attention. Same thing yesterday, when she was wearing some ridiculously short shorts and bouncing her ass up and down while all the guys outside watched. She was RIGHT BY the door, so I'm sure she could see they were looking. How sad?? But hey, as one guy told me, "If I'm paying $35 a month, I better get some entertainment." Jeez, isn't the gym for working out, not ogling?



Picture Time

Me pondering over a Pizza Hut menu in Bath. My friend from Bath just sent this to me.

Stained glass in the Sacre Coeur in Brussels.

The poor man's Sacre Coeur. lol. This is ANOTHER Sacre Coeur in Brussels. Unfortunately, it doesn't really come CLOSE to the one in Paris. Sorry to say this about a church, but it was kinda oogly. It was ridiculously big though. Yay! Go them....

The view from Sacre Couer #2


What's happening?? Part Deux

1. Didn't finish my swimming lessons. But I think it was enough for me to get the gyst of swimming. I'm almost a dolphin.

2. Joined the gym last week. Swear I lost a pound already! wwhhhhaattt??

3. Started taking hurricanes MAD seriously. We generally do in FL since Andrew and whatnot, but next time they tell me to evacuate, I'm getting the hell outta here.

4. Am officially OVER George Bush. I just don't get it. I just don't get him. That guy just makes no goddamn sense in any decision that he makes!!! I sometimes think he just does things JUST so he can go down in history as having done them. Appointing the first black National Security advisor, appointing the first black Secretary of State, appointing the first Hispanic attorney general. And nominating someone who hasn't even worked a day yet for the highest position in the land??? WTF???? What about the people who have been there for 15 years already??? Damn, even if he had said Clarence Thomas, I wouldn't have been mad. I hope everyone who voted for him is ashamed of themselves because this man's actions show's he doesn't give a crap about America. Focus on your country MORON and stop focusing elsewhere!!! At least Bill Clinton focused on domestic issues more often. To me George Bush is like any other business man...he plays on the fear of his customers just so he can sell them bullshit. And that is what he and his cronies do with the American people everyday when they try to drill into everyone's heads that they have a lot to be fearful of. Wake up and get a clue!! There is nothing to be afraid of!!! If it's not the dark man, then it's the brown man. Who or what is next?

5. Saw an old 'friend' last week. Got over him in two seconds when he wouldn't stop farting. It's funny the first time. It's NOT funny the fourth.

6. Finally gave my friend her sovenir I had bought in England...2 and a half months later!!

7. Can't think straight now after my little rant in 4.

8. Oh yeah, discovered "grime" music. Why didn't I hear about this when I was in England? Oh yeah.... I wasn't in London.

...and more....


What's happening??

Wow I haven't posted in a long time!!!

Sadly, I just haven't been in the mood. Lots of stuff has been happening that I wanna jot down, but can never muster up the energy to.

I think I have a problem with energy. I freaking fell asleep in front of my preceptor today...as he was talking!!!! I've never been so damn embarrassed. He attributed it to "post-prandial hypoglycemia", the scientific term for 'niggeritis.'

I dunno what's wrong with me, but if I am not constantly on the move, I LITERALLY feel like I'm gonna shut down..even if I'm just sitting for a minute.

My solutions: don't eat lunch[I used to practice this, but got brave and started eating lunch again...bad idea] and NEVER sit.

I wish someone would share their energy with me. I'll trade them for some of my butt.