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Celebrities Blow

Soooooo, why was I waiting 8 hours to see Mariah Carey and never even REALLY saw her????

Because I'm nuts, that's why!

More on that later...it's 3am and henceforth time for my bed.

ps. I think I forgot my friend, R's, birthday. I got a cryptic message from him saying that he is 'older than me now.' I think that's means it IS his birthday or WAS his birthday. Damn! that's what I get for not looking at my PDA regularly.

pps. My goal for the next week is to understand what it takes to be TRULY happy...and I don't mean fake-and-not-utterly-and-completely-happy-and-satisfied-with-your-life happy, but REALLY happy. It's hard!

ppps. If I hear "We Belong Together" and "Shake it off" ONE MORE TIME, I'm gonna blow my brains out. Thanks, Mariah!

pppps. Other 'celebrities' seen tonite: Jadakiss, Sheik, DJ Clue, Jermaine Dupris[Mr. Jackson if you're nasty], some basketball players, Usher, Quincy Jones, and Carmelo Anthony. [OK the last three I never actually saw, but someone else I know did.]

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I can be Celebrity Starstruck from time to time. Actually, put a gorgeous male celebrity in front of me and I can be down right embarrasing. ;)


lol...I haven't seen that many celebrities that I gush over.

Once upon a time, I used to swear that if I ever saw Justin Timberlake, God could just kill me right there and I'd be alright.

not so now.

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