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Survey Time

Fun Stuff

Created by someone99 and taken 454 times on Bzoink

spell your name backwards:eiram
Right Now...
What color pants are you wearing:blue
What taste is in your mouth?meat
Whats the weather like?cloudy and gloomy
how are you?hmmm..depends on what you mean by 'how'
get motion sickness?no
have a bad habit?yes...bad thinking...
get along with your parents?yessss..who doesn't??
have a current crush?NO....there's no one for me to like..isn't that a shame?
have a big regret?HAHAHAHAHAHA there are a good hnadful of BIG regrets
tv show:Gilmore girls, Laguna beach, nip/tuck...that's pretty much all I turn on my TV for these days.
conditioner:the onemy sister gave me to use this weekend..that shit's awesome!!
book:any book I read while in Bath, England cuz I actually read those for fun
non-alcohol drink:juice
alcohol drink:juice and alcohol
things to do on weekends:Bayside Hut, the Improv, clubs, movies, etc.
Have you ever...
broken the law:everyday, by speeding and lately, not wearing my seatbelt. Frank was right...I do feel more free!!
ran away from home:never...where the hell else would i go?
snuck out of the house?never
got caught?never
ever gone skinny dipping:ummm...never ever
used your parents credit card:come to think of it..never...have always used my own
skipped school before:HAHAHAHA everyday in college
been in a school play:no
had a bf/gf:yes...but not many
had children:HAHAHAHA never have and never will
been in love:NEVER!! This is a damn shame!!
had a hard time getting over someone:ohhh yes...damn him!
been hurt:yes...damn him!
gone out with someone u only knew for 3 days?yes...hasn't every1 done that?
When/What was the last...
you got a letter:today...a lovely overdraft fee letter from Bank of the Americas
an email:today...junk, junk and more junk
a phone call:5 minutes ago
thing u purchased:Vietnamese food for my family to eat last nite...
TV show u watched:Gilmore girls last nite
movie u saw in theatres:Red eye...yummm Cillian
kissed:this is a messed up ? lol...actually about three months ago
song u heard:something by Esthero...trying to listen to the CD my friend gave me
place u were (besides home):Work
u were depressed:never depressed but can get the blues
u were in the hospital:today...at work lol
What comes to mind when u hear...
car:new Mitsubishi Eclipse
cell:phone, jail
fun:going out
music:1xtra...cuz that's what playin in the background right now...
Ship:i wanna go on a cruise!!

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