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What's happening?? Part Deux

1. Didn't finish my swimming lessons. But I think it was enough for me to get the gyst of swimming. I'm almost a dolphin.

2. Joined the gym last week. Swear I lost a pound already! wwhhhhaattt??

3. Started taking hurricanes MAD seriously. We generally do in FL since Andrew and whatnot, but next time they tell me to evacuate, I'm getting the hell outta here.

4. Am officially OVER George Bush. I just don't get it. I just don't get him. That guy just makes no goddamn sense in any decision that he makes!!! I sometimes think he just does things JUST so he can go down in history as having done them. Appointing the first black National Security advisor, appointing the first black Secretary of State, appointing the first Hispanic attorney general. And nominating someone who hasn't even worked a day yet for the highest position in the land??? WTF???? What about the people who have been there for 15 years already??? Damn, even if he had said Clarence Thomas, I wouldn't have been mad. I hope everyone who voted for him is ashamed of themselves because this man's actions show's he doesn't give a crap about America. Focus on your country MORON and stop focusing elsewhere!!! At least Bill Clinton focused on domestic issues more often. To me George Bush is like any other business man...he plays on the fear of his customers just so he can sell them bullshit. And that is what he and his cronies do with the American people everyday when they try to drill into everyone's heads that they have a lot to be fearful of. Wake up and get a clue!! There is nothing to be afraid of!!! If it's not the dark man, then it's the brown man. Who or what is next?

5. Saw an old 'friend' last week. Got over him in two seconds when he wouldn't stop farting. It's funny the first time. It's NOT funny the fourth.

6. Finally gave my friend her sovenir I had bought in England...2 and a half months later!!

7. Can't think straight now after my little rant in 4.

8. Oh yeah, discovered "grime" music. Why didn't I hear about this when I was in England? Oh yeah.... I wasn't in London.

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oh i totally joined the gym like a year ago... too bad i never go! i'll have to live through you... you tell me how it is in there k!

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