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What's the limit?

Before I get into what I really wanted to talk about, there was yet another thrilling episode of Laguna Beach tonite! Jason totaly validted the cliche that "once a cheater, always a cheater!!!" And he's not even that great!! I mean, can you talk?? Or do I have to beat the words outta you with onna your precious baseball bats. Unlike most people, I'm sure, I feel bad for Jessica. Even though a guy can seem like a jerk, a girl will still be in love with him and be tempted to go running back to him as soon as he calls. I can see how that happens. Not that I'll EVER let it happen to me, but I can understand. I EMPATHIZE. I show empathy. Thanks pharmacy! (not)

Anyway, so this past weekend, I went to South Be-atch to a club called Mansion with some peoples, including one so-called friend. This is a boy I've called TWICE: the first time to ask if he wanted to go out to dinner with another friend, the second to find out if he was still in town cuz he's supposed to be moving overseas soon. TWICE I left a message. TWICE my phone call wasn't returned. Oh yeh, the first time my call went unanswered because "I left my phone at my parent's business." All weekend?? Gimme break. So my limit is two phone calls left unreturned and that's it. What's your limit? Or do you even have a limit?

So yeh, this buddy tried to act all normal with me this weekend, trying to hug me, but I wasn't having it. And that's because onna my pet peeves is having people NOT return my calls, especially when you have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON NOT TO! You're not working...you're on a break from school. We don't have to have an hour long conversation. Just return my call so I can say bye. He even had THE NERVE to call my phone right in front of my when we were first meeting up at another friend's house. This demonstrates to me that a) your phone is functioning perfectly and b) you blatantly haven't returned my call. He thought it was funny to leave a message but I immediately erased it from my voicemail. I frequently brought up thruout the nite the fact that I hate when people don't call me back. He tried to apologize but I didn't care.

I'm sure you're wondering why I'm making such a big deal about it. It's because of the fact that he has been to TWO events that I would've been at anyway, that mutual acquaintances/friends of ours have invited him to. Therefore, this means that he had time to answer THEIR calls and heed THEIR invitations, but you can't even pick up the phone to say hi to me? It just pisses me off, really, to be honest. I'm not good enough to communicate with therefore I have nothing further to say.

I got a text message today reminding me it was his birthday today. My reply was "Good for him." I was told it would be best to forgive and forget but unfortunately, I'm quicker to disqualify you as a friend than to qualify you as such. If I ever get an IM or whatever from this person again, my reply will simply be "who is this?" Have fun in Europe. Peace out, buddy.

On a happier note, I was listening to my favourite show on 1XTRA, the BBC radio station, and they read my email on the air!!!! "It went a little something like "Shout out to Marie from the States. She can't text us so she wrote us an email instead...." It's weird but I actually felt special LOL. I had written them an email during LAST week's show actually, but I think it was too late and they read it this week. I had written them cuz my mother started listening to the show too and said the show was really good. I had my mother listened to my moment of glory. She was happy too. Yay!


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