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Working it out

What a workout yesterday!!

I went to a hip-hop class at my gym (thanks, rap music!) last night and, as can be expected from black people, the instructor was alllll 20 minutes late. I had to laugh. Apparently he got to the gym and realized he had left all his muzak, so he had to go back home to get it. No biggie! he said...he'll just make up the time for us. And for sure he did because the class lasted for a whole hour and a half! People actually started leaving, including me, cuz I got tired, but it was a damn good workout just from dancing. I was sweating up a storm.

It was weird though because I was dancing...in the light! Ive never really done any dancing except in the faint glow of light in clubs. It's not a pretty sight. Or maybe it was for the 20 guys that were staring into the classroom with their noses pressed up against the glass!! Creeps...

There was one older lady in the front that I could tell had been to the class MANY times already...I mean she was even requesting songs! I was like "Is he a DJ or an instructor?"

The ghetto ass girls behind me were also a trip. I mean, he did say to put your own unique spin on the moves, but they were taking it to the highest level! And they would not shut up! I felt like I was at the movie theater! I wanted to turn around and give them that "You need to be quiet" stare, but whatever.

The 5 guys in the class were also funny. I don't even know why they were there. Most were OK, but one totally was acting like he was too cool for school. But I guess I shouldn't knock them for trying to dance because as we all know, they usually adhere to the "lemme stand here and have the girl grind all up on my junk" rule.

The last funny thing was...actually, it wasn't funny but sad really, was when I was leaving the class, I noticed another girl who was TOTALLY doing the dances for attention. I remember seeing her in the gym previously with her short-ass shorts and her bending over motions and knew that she was just doing it for attention. Same thing yesterday, when she was wearing some ridiculously short shorts and bouncing her ass up and down while all the guys outside watched. She was RIGHT BY the door, so I'm sure she could see they were looking. How sad?? But hey, as one guy told me, "If I'm paying $35 a month, I better get some entertainment." Jeez, isn't the gym for working out, not ogling?


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This entry was soooo funny. These days, gym classes are all about looking good, showing off, and picking up. I swear I've seen women in the lock room putting makeup on and spraying hairspray before their work out. It's too much!!!!!


I always knew it, but when that guy said it me to, I finally accepted it as fact. It's like you have to look good just to workout. I'm here to sweat dammit lol not worry about how my hair looks.

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