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Again with the punishment

Why are we being punished? Oh yeh that's right...we elected George Bush! hahaha im so funny

but all kidding aside...um, what's up with ANOTHER hurricane coming already?? Allah/Jehovah/God/Buddha must be REALLY ticked off at us because this is the 17th named storm of the season. I just read today on CNN that there are only 4 more names left and after that, they start calling the hurricanes by Greek letters, i.e. alpha, beta, gamma, etc. If we get a hurricane called alpha, I'm seriously gonna think God is coming. Anytime I hear "alpha", I think "alpha and omega" like in the Bible...very scary thought. The Keys have been evacuated, there's a hurricane warning in Miami-Dade county (YAY NO WORK!) and a hurricane watch for my county (BOOOO). I just hope this one doesn't make it to the Gulf Coast too. They need a break.

On to the rest of my life, haven't been to the gym in about 5 days so I finally went yesterday. Started out pretty good until I started feeling a tad woozy and got a slight headache. Either it's a brain tumor ooooor I hadn't had enough water before I started. I'll go with choice B. Now Hurricane Ralph or Rhonda or whatever is gonna break my flow again because I'm sure the gym will be closed tomorrow, just like the Starbucks that closed today at 8 when I had just ordered my Caramel Macchiato and had sat down to study!!!

A girl at the gym was creeping me out a little though. I sat on my machine working my awfully loose abductor muscles while she was on the machine beside me working her adductor muscles. [If you're not a science person, look it up.] This girl was MOANING and GROANING up a storm!!! I said to myself "what is this, a porno???" She should be getting paid for all these sounds. Then I thought she must just be working really hard. I got on the machine after her and without even looking started doing the movement. It was ridiculously easy. That's when I noticed it was on 30 pounds!!!!!

She was making all that noise for that?!?! I quickly changed it to 110 pounds and did my exercise. Wimp.

Saw Dean Edwards at the improv this weekend. He was hilarious!! Hard to remember all the jokes but the one that sticks out in my mind was when he said, referring to his English wife, "Yes, for those of you wondering, my wife is Black." This came a minute after I whispered to my friend that his wife is probably Caucasian. He shut me up good. lol. If he said British, I would've assumed she coud've been any race, but he said "English" so pardonnez-moi.


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