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I love Wikipedia

Seriously....this website knows EVERYTHING!!!!!

If you haven't been to Wikipedia.com yet, get on the ball.

I came across something about Keith Urban while browsing the Hard Rock Live website just now, and decided to just google his butt since I've been seeing him and hearing about him. He was a mystery to me because I kept saying to myself why does this country singer have an Australian accent???? WTF??? Am I hearing things??

Well thanks to Wikipedia, I've been enlightened. He's from New Zealand.....um, even freakier!! How the hell did he get so famous then? Whatever the reason is, now I know more about Keith LIONEL (HAHAHA) Urban than I did 5 minutes ago thanks to my good friend, a website. Today's featured article was about the cerebullum. Now I know more about the cerebellum too!


ps. on a sad note, I've lost my phone. :( And not cuz I'm attached at the hip to it or anything like most people, but just cuz I don't wanna pay money to get a new one!!! I think they take enough from me every month already, I don't wanna shell out any more. I hope some good Samaritan found it and will dial my contacts called "Home" "Mommy" or "Daddy" or at least called the last person I talked to. Thanks, S, for making me lose my phone in Old Navy!! lol. Never again will I talk on the phone while holding a shiteload of clothes in my hand.

pps. I've finally finished printing my pictures from Paris!!! One city down, three more to go. I'm sure Ill spend at least $200 printing these pictures, but it'll be worth it cuz everytime I look at them, I'm still amazed that I was in these countries and got to take such BEAUTIFUL pictures. AINT A GODDAMN THING IN FLORIDA TO TAKE PICTURES OF!!!! So I have to cherish what I've taken elsewhere.

pps. Going out tonite to what has sort of become a tradition, Bayside Hut, in Miami. Tomorrow, it's a free comedy show..free cuz I won tickets on the radio!! Yay, go me.

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